Sunday, July 10, 2005

make me a database admin...poof!

for the past year or so, seems like everything under the sun...every app, every suite, every product...that i've installed for clients has had a database component to it. mostly msde, microsoft's baby version of sql.

which is ok I guess. until you run into vendors who won't (or can't) code their installers to properly handle pre-existing msde instances.

case in point: mcafee's avd smb edition, which is targeted and sold to the smb market, has a nice management module called protectionpilot.
great deployment and decent reporting features for installations with less than 500 seats.

unfortunately, propilot doesn't install easily on microsoft's sbs 2003 platform because the pre-installed msde instances for both sbs's monitoring system and sharepoint site cause mcafee's installer to kick.

there are various articles in mcafee's kb covering this issue. to save you some time, here's one of my favorites: kb41532

but the bigger item, that of db proliferation, only enhances the need for things like comprehensive patch management, even for the smallest of installations. glad to know that sbs 2003 r2 looks to offer integrated patch management.

and don't get me started on the issue of backup. i'm liable to start ranting about symantec buying veritas...


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