Tuesday, August 23, 2005

stupid is as stupid thinks

at the ts2 event i mentioned earlier, i happened to overhear the following:
  • sbs sucks...and is stupid
  • sbs is slow, which is stupid
  • running exchange on a dc is stupid
  • putting everything on one server is stupid
  • not being able to add other servers is stupid
  • sbs is a good idea for companies that will never ever grow, but stupid for anybody else
  • ms is stupid for not putting all this [cool] stuff in their "real" products
now mind you, all this was being said by microsoft partners sitting in the audience immediately after a really pretty good section on sbs. unbelievable.

have to admit: i'm bothered by it only so much. if my fellow partners are...let's say...unaware of the power of small business server, i'll be glad to take their small business clients off their hands by beating their "real" solutions with a competitive sbs solution that delivers more value at a better price, or perhaps just exposing them as morons, if comes down to it.

if you're too fracking stubborn, ignorant, or both to get with the program when it comes to sbs...you're prolly not the best bet for your small business clients or prospects. feel free to send them my way.


Anonymous astanton said...

Sweet .. Nice post Chris!


3:27 PM  
Blogger Vlad said...

I'll have to admit I've been guilty of calling Windows 2003 Standard/Enterprise the real server simply to illustrate the point that running Server Wizards DOES NOT make you a windows system administrator. If you're trying to learn about Windows Server infrastructure, active directory configuration, site-to-site links, replication, failover, clustering.......

You need to practice on a real server because those options are not available on SBS (or even standard for the most part).

As for the rest of the issues you've faced while watching TS2... There is always that one dude.. and I've visited dozens of cities.. always one dude that just cannot stop being stupid out loud. Unfortunately, people like that truely ruin the presentation for everyone else that came to learn about partnering with Microsoft.

10:37 PM  
Blogger happyfunboy said...


i do understand where you're coming from...because i used to be an enterpriseland dude myself. and there are "design features" in sbs that hinder someone from learning all there is in the higher-end versions of windows server. no argument with that either.

but the notion of whether someone's using a "real" system kinda smacks to me of arm-wrestling between geeks. which is never a pretty sight.

to me, ignorance is not in relying on a wizard...it's all in not knowing whether to rely on it or not...and that goes for sbs or other versions of windows server.

you and i have prolly both seen enough bad installs, shoddy administration, piss-poor design or all three to know that ignorance/arrogance permeates the technology consulting industry like a bad smell.

the main issue i have with terming one "real" and the other not is...in the end you're effectively telling a customer that their business is somehow beneath you.

similar to susanne "hey...that's funny" dansey's point about the word "small" that she mentioned in robbie's session at smb nation. the connotations send all the wrong messages.

either that or a client is getting oversold beyond all reason.

and both of those things tend to make me a very angrymadboy

btw: when i say "you," i don't mean you personally, vlad. but you should already know that.

10:55 PM  

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