Saturday, October 01, 2005

roll tide roll!

signed off an e-mail yesterday like this:

TGIF everybody! [which stands not for "Thank God It's Friday" today, but "Tide Gonna Impale Florida" Oh yeah...ROLL TIDE!]

if you were watching cbs this'd have seen your friendly neighborhood happytideboy's prediction come true.

as in, alabama (#15) manhandling florida (#5) to the tune of 31-3.

so many highlights today...

the pass: the first play of alabama's first series...brodie croyle to tyrone prothro for 87 yards and a touchdown...the first of many on the day.

the defense: alabama's d owns florida all day long. ending the "no interceptions thrown" streak of florida's qb simply icing on the cake.

the offense: alabama scores 17 points in the first 10 minutes of the game.

the not-so-secret weapon: kenneth! in geek-speak...this guy runs like he's wearing a +100 cloak of untackleability.

the record: croyle throws 3 touchdowns, taking the lead for career touchdowns thrown at alabama. one of the men he supplants is none other than his own coach, mike shula.

the season: alabama remains undefeated at 5-0. sweet!

huge huge day for alabama football!

unfortunately, one bit of awful news...

the bad break: a definite season-ending (and potentially career-ending) leg injury to prothro in the 4th quarter.


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