Tuesday, March 14, 2006

cry me a river, already

so...someone's been sounding the death knell of the local it consultant now that a certain giant electronics retailer has gotten serious about business.

yeah right.

suffice it to say...from my long-lost days as a hardcore bargain hunter aka hot dealer...

said retailer has a worse than terrible reputation when comes to the primary things that matter to a-list clients.

seriously, said retailer is like the idi amin of customer service.

but, for those who are so worried they are wetting their pants...

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy is here to save the day!

we'll just start our own army of technicians.

now...we'd have to differentiate ourselves, so...

instead of vw beetles...we'll partner with lamborghini and ferrari.

and instead of white shirts, ties, black pants...we'll partner with speedo to supply our uniforms.

and of course...we'll call it the bod squad.

now...we'll be sure to partner with google, too.

plenty of tasteless logos that could be done with those side-by-side o's, for either gender.

to paraphrase the patron saint of the funcave...

babes, bikinis, and boot disks...damn, i love this job!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe I like it!

I'll stick to my old British iron though. Customers like my TR6


8:25 PM  

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