Wednesday, April 19, 2006

a video channel worth watching..

those of you who've never seen one of the microsoft across america trucks up close and personal...

and even those of you who have...

will want to check out this video at inter | face.

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy found the entire video utterly and totally engrossing. the info about hurricane katrina, the logistical issues faced by the red cross, the it and comm solutions they came up with, and how folks like ms offered aid...ya just have to see it!

especially deploying the across america trucks as mobile info centers.

and yes, folks...

i too am still amazed that i beat the king of all media, dr. funkenstein himself, to this one...

will wonders never cease today?


Blogger Tim Barrett said...

Hey dude, It was on Matt Hester's blog here.

I already got scooped once ;-)

9:11 AM  

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