Sunday, June 04, 2006

netflix vs. vongo: round 1


from the opening bell, netflix starts a devastating body attack, trying to take some of the wind out of vongo’s sails early on. there is absolutely no contest in this area. netflix claims to offer more than 60,000 different titles. vongo, by comparison, offers access to a comparatively scant 1000 titles, albeit with a live starz feed as well, at any given time. 

looking at netflix’s offering list, one can find a wide range of titles in nearly every genre, including hard-to-find releases from the excellent criterion collection.

by comparison, vongo’s offering list seems very small indeed, altho the range of their selections is surprisingly wide. much more so than one might think from such a new service, which gives vongo a small bit of a rally in the closing seconds of round 1.

even so, netflix takes round 1 handily, and looks to be in total command of this bout.

on to round 2…



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