Friday, July 22, 2005

the new arrival

woohoo, but i lurv me some new equipment!

brand-shpankin new hp mce box, which looks smokin’ on the 30" syntax olevia lcd tv/monitor downstairs.

plus mountains of rebates (all the paperwork sucks, but tough to ignore $310 back) and a giftcard for 10% of purchase receipt.

so, i'd right now like to perform my ode to tech bargain hunting:

hot deals! (sung to the tune of wild thing)

hot deals!
crunchtastic guitar riff
you help me buy things!

crunchamungous guitar riff
you make everything...cheaper!
supercalifragicrunchious guitar riff
hot deals!

dramatic tempo break

hot deals, i...think i'm bankrupt.

this purchase also makes my homestead's ceo happy, since her dying unit gets replaced with my current dell.


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