Wednesday, July 20, 2005

to mce...or not to mce?

the diva's blog reminded me of something today, and that is...

my next computer will be running windows xp media center edition 2005.

why, you ask?

because i have a replaytv,and it kicks major butt. as such, pvr functions are very big around our house.

if the replay misses a recording (like, during extended power or cable service outages) folks in my house are very unhappy. so, having an mce simply as a backup if the replay goes up in smoke is reason enough for me.

still, the new machine has to have a dual-core processor.

i'm vacillating between either an hp and a winbook unit.

i'd already have bought the winbook (the 30" lcd/tv is very compelling), except it has a pentium 4, not a pentium d.

btw: i suppose i'll pick one of these up too when it arrives.


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