Tuesday, August 23, 2005

it's stupid that an mcse needs to take an exam to be a small business specialist (or is it?)

this question/statement was raised at the ts2 event today.

at first glance, this can seem to make a bit of sense.

after all, sbs integrates a lot of separate products into one product. and if you've already taken lots of exams on the separate pieces of sbs, why would you need to take another exam?

in my opinion, here's why...

look again at this statement:

sbs integrates a lot of separate products into one product

in my mind, the single overarching differentiator for sbs, what makes it so very much more than the sum of its parts, is that integration.

because, unlike the other integrated bundles or suites that you typically see from software vendors, the depth of integration in sbs has given rise to new approaches and new applications which are so utterly different from what one normally sees with the individual parts of sbs, it would border on malfeasance to allow folks who haven't really taken the time to get down and dirty with sbs to just skate and say "oh yeah, sure...i know sbs."

or, if that sounds too high-falutin' and uppity...how about it's because an mcse better to learn to trust the sbs setup wizards before they frack somebody's sbs installation up?


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