Monday, September 05, 2005

another thing about the baltimore convoy

those vehicles and equipment from baltimore are making an 1100+ mile trip.

22.5 hours.

i used to work construction. and i also used to drive flatbed trucks for my father's excavating company. one time, he and i each drove a truck roughly 20 hours, round-trip.

believe me, that trip was no picnic. and i can guarantee you that amount of seat time isn't any kind of picnic for the vast majority of those baltimore folks either. city maintenance and fleet vehicles aren't known for their heated leather seats, after all.

but, my guess is...compared to what folks in the gulf coast have been struggling with over the last week...22 hours driving a semi or dump truck is nothing to these folks.

of course, my google maps link assumes they are heading to new orleans. but that's not a very good assumption to make.

coastal areas in mississippi and alabama were wiped clean by the hurricane.

the main difference is that the state and local authorities in ms and al actually had a clue, crafted workable plans for getting folks out of the danger areas before the storm hit, and had multiple ways to respond after.

but they still need plenty of help. so don't forget ms and al.

don't penalize them just because they planned well and executed those plans, unlike the clowns running new orleans and louisiana.


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