Monday, September 05, 2005

putting your money where your mouth is

if you were going south on 20/59 just outside birmingham at around 6 pm tonight, you would have seen an amazing sight...

a convoy of trucks and equipment, stretched out over a good mile and a half, travelling right down the center lane.

all of them had big, beautiful logos on the doors that said "city of baltimore."

and when i say trucks and equipment, i mean stuff like: dump trucks, wood chippers, skyhooks and semis with lowboy trailers hauling huge front end loaders, bulldozers, and paving machines.

and there was no mistaking where they were going. on both sides of every dump truck was affixed a sign that said:

city of baltimore
for katrina relief

and this entire procession was being led by baltimore pd escort.

with the flashing lights on the lead police car, it was almost like the circus was coming to town.

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy gave the officer a big thumbs-up as he passed by.

and then it hit me.

this is the real story.

forget the political jockeying, the cya-ing, the race-baiting. it's all b.s.

the real story is that folks all over this country, and even some places outside this country, are giving all they can to help those folks out.

for instance: who's paying the salaries of these baltimore workers? how about the fuel to go down there? and then, of course, the fuel for them to return? who's paying for their lodging and food?

by and large, i'm thinking the good citizens of baltimore are.

and that, my friends...absolutely kicks ass.


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