Sunday, October 02, 2005

it's a group thing


that's your friendly neighborhood happygroupboy's best imitation of the yodeling dude from the commercials for yahoo!

and i'm yodeling to celebrate the creation of my very first yahoo group.

the upshot of which is...

asmbug, our fledgling user group, now has its very own home on the web.

which rocks! further celebrate this momentous occasion in the life of our group...i'm now going to post a button, which you can use to join our group!

Click here to join ASMBUG
Click to join ASMBUG

now...for those visitors to the funcave who don't fit the profile of an asmbug member, joining might be a bit of an exercise in frustration for you...since, in all likelihood, i won't approve you as a member of our yahoo group should you submit a request.

however...notice i said...likelihood.

which means...i might approve you, just for kicks.
who can tell?
certainly not i, not at this juncture...

that's right, kiddos.

happyfunboy is mad...mad...i tell you!
so crazy, in fact, that i'm gonna post another join button right now!

Click here to join ASMBUG
Click to join ASMBUG


btw: in the interest of full disclosure, thought i should mention that even if i do allow you to join, and you're not an asmbug member, i'm prolly just gonna use your very temporary membership to learn how to use the group's ejector seat. so...ya can't say i didn't warn ya, kapish?


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