Saturday, January 21, 2006

goodies for download

lots of interesting stuff springing up at the microsoft download center lately, with some items of particular interest for folks in sbs-land...

top of that list would prolly be service pack 2 for business contact manager update and small business accounting. the list of features and fixes it includes can be seen in knowledgebase article 913635.

also, even tho these next 2 don't have small business server anywhere in their title, the fact that these technologies are included as part of sbs (or will be soon) means that documents like these are, for the most part, also valid for all of us in sbs-land.
of course, you should prolly just go ahead and subscribe to the handy dandy rss feed for the download center. that way, you'd already know about cool stuff like this, when it happens, automagically.

that feed, hosted by the good folks at thundermain.

and...might i just add...

thundermain has a kickass ring to it, doesn't it?


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