Sunday, January 08, 2006

maybe we should rename sbs show to show?

first things first...

sorry for the recent glaring lack of update announcements about sbs show. this should in no way be considered a reflection on our recent guests, but rather on the recent holiday season, my professional workload during that time, and also my being sick through the end of 2005 and the start of 2006.

now that's out of the way...

if you haven't listened to sbs show have been missing out!

sbs show #11 through #13 all deal primarily with the topic of knowledge resources that our listeners might most benefit from professionally in 2006.

to that end, we've scheduled several authors to appear on the show and discuss books they have written focusing either on sbs or the smb sector in general.

sbs show #11 started this series off with a bang, as our guest was eriq "q" neale, a newly announced microsoft mvp for 2006.

obviously a beloved figure in the sbs world, eriq spoke with vlad and me about his career, the recent release of his sbs unleashed book, his eon call show, and being named as the 3rd magical m&m.

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy does have one question for marina and mariette tho...shouldn't all of you now be called the magical m&m&m's?

eriq struck a real chord with our listeners, and we hope he will make a return visit to sbs show sometime in 2006.

sbs show #12 continued our streak of awesome with a visit by yet another very well-known person in the sbs community, and also a frequent contributor over at "gimme a break, vlad" mulzer.

this was beatrice's second appearance on sbs show, and she is always one of my favorite guests...not just because she's such a smart cookie, but also because she's so good at busting our chops, particularly ol' mr. chops-buster himself, vlad "the vlad" mazek.

beatrice talked with us in great detail about her new book, making it big in small business 2006: top 15 successful smb consultants share strategies and lessons learned. she talked about the selection process, the common traits these folks shared, how this book is different from other business books, and why it is a must-read for anyone who works or is thinking about working as an smb consultant.

continuing the theme of of the folks profiled in beatrice's book are marina & mariette, the aforementioned magical m&m's.

sbs show #13 was just recorded yesterday, and as such is still in editing.

we're keeping the identity of the guest a secret until the show is released...but i can assure you that you will recognize the name of this person.

the insight and knowledge this person imparts away during the show is phenomenal, and as show #13 is a must-listen!


if you're still reading this, scroll back up, click on the links to the shows and get your learn on!


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