Sunday, December 18, 2005

what a long strange trip it's been...

sbs show #10 was quite a unique experience.

queenie and your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy had to make do without the vlad this episode, but hopefully we still managed to come up with something useful for you.

the show is finished, but has not yet been uploaded.
once it has, announcements will appear here at the funcave...and the normal hangouts:

the vladovian empire
queenie's clubhouse
m&m's magical realm

of course, if you go ahead and subscribe to sbs show, you'll receive it automagically once it is released. how much easier can it get than that?

items we covered include:
  • lawsuit concerning mobile security & feature pack
  • outlook junk mail filter update
  • intel's dual-core yonah chipset
  • cpc combo windows xp tablet/windows mobile 5 device
  • impact of guidance software security breach
  • microsoft's 10 resolutions for 2006
  • xbox 360 rollout in japan
  • upcoming user group meetings
uk -
  • manchester user group - 12/19
  • kent user group - 12/20
* if you are interested in attending the asmbug webcast by susan bradley, here is the e-mail address to send any livemeeting seat requests:

and yeah...there is one obvious overdub by yours truly pretty early on in the show.

so sue me.


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