Wednesday, November 30, 2005

sbs show #7...and no, this is not an optical illusion

hot on the heels of the recently released sbs show #6 from this past weekend, comes the mid-week sbs show #7.

remember, our mid-week show is a 20 minute long, more informal show in which we chat about current issues and items in both the smb and it worlds.

joining the vlad & your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy this evening was the effervescent susanne dansey, leader of the sbsbpi clubhouse over in the uk, and sbs show's last, best, and only hope at gaining some cosmopolitan flair.

we're happy to announce that susanne will be joining the mid-week show on a permanent basis...or at least as often as her schedule permits.

looking on the horizon at sbs show #8 coming this weekend...
we will be joined by a true juggernaut in the world of sbs.

that's right kiddos!

the diva susan bradley...will be in the studio with us.

tell your friends, tell your neighbors...

our next show will be one you don't dare miss!


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