Saturday, November 26, 2005

anatomy of a truck event 7: you like me! you really like me!

the list of folks i need to thank is long, but i'll try to make it brief...

ms folks:
  • alison, the first blue badge to offer and talk to me about the truck.
  • neal, who shepherded our request and got the ball rolling.
  • ms. sharla, who gets yet another shoutout for being so very helpful in getting the truck logistics all coordinated, and for being especially patient while i asked question after question.
  • lauren, who gave us lots of great ideas for both our event and the one in huntsville.
  • george, who made sure the truck made it there on-time, and in one piece.
  • mitchel, who knows his stuff, and who was supportive of us above-and-beyond the call throughout the day.
our folks:
  • our shareholders, for having enough faith in us to invite their best clients to our event.
  • amy, who made sure the coffee got brewed...even after i sloshed water on the outlet strip...and that everything else looked great.
and...most of all:
  • amy "mastermind" luby, who was the very first person to ever cheerlead the idea of a truck event to me, and without whose input i'd never have been able to make this thing work!


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