Thursday, November 24, 2005

forging partnerships: step 1

bar none...hands down...without a doubt...however you like to say it...

the single best contact we made in huntsville were these two ladies right here: ashley and molly from westglenn software.

they had a partner table next to ours, outside the theater where the connections event was being held.

amy and shellie (see, i told you they were secret weapons) struck up a conversation with ashley and molly as they were setting up since amy...being a dirty auburn fan...immediately recognized westglenn. some velcro was shared, some laughs were had, they became best buds...all in the space of about 10 minutes. how do women do that anyway?

since they are based in birmingham, we could commiserate about making a bit of a jaunt to huntsville. then, at one lull, i finally got to chat with molly and ashley about what it is they do, and then what it is we do, and discovered that the services our two companies offer don't compete, and in fact are very complementary.

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy also discovered that neither of them got a chance to see the microsoft across america truck that was outside at this event.

since they are also a gold certified partner, i mentioned that we were having one of the trucks at a private customer event the very next week, and they should look into requesting a truck sometime. they mentioned that was a cool idea, and had wanted to do that for quite some time, but weren't sure where to begin.

so, of course, i invited them to come down to our private event and see how we set up for it, meet the ms folks, and maybe get some ideas.


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