Sunday, November 20, 2005

and speaking of mr. cash...

i'm sure that you've all heard there's a little movie that was just released about him.

if you haven't heard...well, i'm glad you just awoke from your coma, then.

your friendly neighborhood happyfunby is very happy to report that he was able to see it opening night, at the excellent cineplex here in town, in a theater with digital surround sound.

take my advice...

do not...i repeat...NOT see this movie in a theater without digital surround sound. you will be missing such a huge part of this film...better to save your money than waste it on a sub-par viewing experience.

there wasn't a single empty seat in the theater the night i saw it.

even so, the newest harry whee look at me i'm a boy wizard potter movie blew walk the line out of the water money-wise.

but...i'm thinking that as word spreads...and parents get done sitting through the tripe that is harry for walk the line to have some staying power.

joaquin phoenix is fantastic, of course. but it is my firm opinion that reese witherspoon actually steals the show.

as in... oscar-winning performance.

that's heard it here first!


Blogger Jen Wakefield said...

I'm not a Johnny Cash fan, but I love Reese Witherspoon since I saw her in some movie when she was like 14. She's a great actress. However, I wasn't quite sure if I'd go see this movie. After your post, I'll definitely go.

BTW--I love the Potter books and movies, but this one blew compared to the others.

8:07 PM  

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