Friday, November 11, 2005

come to papa!

so...your friendly neighborhood funboy was responsible for deciding upon and acquiring a decent giveaway for the upcoming event we are hosting this month. that's right, a microsoft across america truck will be there.

and for the life of me...i couldn't bring myself to tempt fate and the mothership's patience by purchasing an ipod for the giveaway, even tho my love for beauty has been well documented on this site.

so...the item i had in mind was a portable media center. specifically, the creative zen portable media center.

lo and behold...what do i find? a humongous rebate from on this particular unit.

like, to the tune of $250 per unit (max of 2 rebates per person or address), bringing the cost down to around $200 each.

makes sense...the new model of that series was finally released. so they're obviously trying to clear out stock on the older models.

so i sprung for a couple of them, with overnight shipping.

the 1st definitely goes to the giveaway. but the 2nd...hmmmmmm.

now i'm thinking how awesome it would be to have one here at the funcave, seeing as yours truly has a spiffy mce 2005 box sitting here.



Blogger SBSRocks said...

If Mothership promotes it with the xbox then, I think the nano would have looked great next to the Scoble phone.

11:07 PM  

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