Wednesday, September 14, 2005

black beauty

that would be the name i've given my new jet-black ipod nano.

i'd been holding off buying an ipod for awhile, but after the 16 hours of hell getting to seattle, there was no way your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy was gonna risk going back on his return visit without something to listen to if he got bumped or missed his connection.

to get an idea of how small this thing is...the length is about the same as a standard business card, altho the width is a good bit less. thickness is about the exact same size as the stack of new business cards anne stanton had secured in the first 15 minutes of the conference.

the nano easily fits in the center section of the card case sonicwall gave out, and even slides around inside it a bit. man...but that card case has been awesome!

i picked up the nano at the apple store located just off the wsu campus. all they had in stock was the 2gb model. planning to move up to the 4gb model tho, since it has just a very very small subset of my music on it, and it is nearly full.

of course, for the trip home, the nano was set like this the whole time:

settings > repeat: one
now playing: ball and biscuit

i wasn't kidding when i said i haven't been able to stop listening to that song, now was i?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, how did you manage to fit ball and biscuit into 2mb ;-)

7:25 PM  
Blogger happyfunboy said...

heh...very carefully!

thanks for mentioning my faux pas.
got the capacities straight now.

9:13 AM  

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