Monday, September 12, 2005

worst part of today

all of you, dear readers, know how much i think the new battlestar galactica rocks.

and, you also know by now that i'm a huge fan of music, including (but not limited to) mississippi delta blues, jazz, swing, country, rockabilly, punk, alt-rock...and of course plain ol' rock and roll! is difficult to put into words my reaction upon discovering both
the experience music project and the science fiction museum and hall of fame at seattle center.

of course, seattle area natives may just be giving a great big yawn right about now.

i, however, was like becky ochs with a cappuccino in each hand. i was so excited, shivering even....i thought my teeth would melt.

and then I walked up to the doors and found out...both
emp and sfm are closed on mondays.



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