Sunday, September 11, 2005

first he snipes me for a copy of "jade empire"

and then he fracking wins a creative zen portable media player at the vendor giveaway at smb nation.

curse you jason leib! should know by now your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy is j/k. drop hfb a contact comment in case i don't get your card tomorrow. couple of questions to ask ya. and no...i don't want to buy the cz device from ya...sorry. all seriousness, man....congrats. and enjoyed chatting briefly with ya today before the diva and mr. dana's jam session.

is it just me, or did it seems less like a presentation and more like something akin to the geek version of miles davis and john coltrane pushing each other to new heights of jazz artistry in the late 50s-early 60s? well...minus nasty smack habits, that is. go listen to kind of blue at least twice, and then get back to me.

btw: now what the frack am i gonna do with my new mce box at mi casa? *mutter mutter*


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