Friday, September 09, 2005


your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy is about to become your angry neighborhood supermadboy in about 20 minutes.

just found out that the partner points for small business specialist may be delayed until january 2006.

and i'm about to light 'em up here at smb nation about it.

update: damn, somebody sniped me in asking the question. now i'm even more pissed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry about "sniping" the question, but I wanted the Xbox game giveaway! :) If you want to yell at me in person, I'm wearing an orange polo with a black JML Consulting logo on it. :)

--Jason Leib

11:20 AM  
Blogger happyfunboy said...

ha! no prob man. it's all good.

in a sense i'm very glad it's not just me that this is affecting

i’ve been banging my head against “the wall” with ms trying to get this taken care of, since we are on the bubble for gold certified partner.

i'll try to catch up with you today.

i'm the one who was told by nancy williams (aka "the lady in red") this morning:

" are entirely overdressed."

11:25 AM  

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