Friday, September 09, 2005

you'd think she had eight arms

so i'm sitting next to the diva during the keynote at smb nation.

she is doing so many things at once, it's like sitting next to a workaholic octopus.

so now i'm wondering how many cans of mountain dew (which shall hereafter be referred to as "diva rocket fuel") she went through this morning.

anne said they had a 24 pack back at their room.

i'm betting it won't last the day.

anyone want to take that action?


Anonymous MarieMc said...

Imagine awakening each morning to the pop-hiss of a Mountain Dew can openin' to start the day. Bubbles cascading into the black coffee mug, then slow savoring the burn of the caffeine.

ok, ok - 24 on Friday, three left this morning.

Happy to report that the Diva's 2x4 is safely packed away for the ride home... you are safe (for now).

10:14 AM  

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