Saturday, September 10, 2005

i went to smb nation...and all you got was a drunk and disorderly charge

i should have some t-shirts with that phrase printed up to sell here.

anne blogged on this, but i thought i'd take a stab at it too. i was sitting on one of the couches down by the bar at the marriott in redmond town center, chatting with a couple of the smb nation staffers, when some woman behind us (not an attendee, btw) started yelling, screaming stuff like...

that is bullsh*t you bastard f*** you

etc. etc. etc. and then she stomped past us, out the door, still yelling obscenities.

no idea what she was so torqued up about, but i'm betting it wasn't about some nimrod saying sbs is stupid because you can't have more than one server (heh...joke for chad "wild man" gross and the diva).

the funniest part was, that as this woman was raving out on the sidewalk, she was screaming in the general direction of the police station, which is right across the street. most likely to get the attention of authorities to come kick the ass of whoever pissed her off.

didn't quite work out that way for her tho...heh.

i tell you folks, your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy has never seen the 5-0 move so fast. she was cuffed and stuffed before any of us could get up to go look.

about time cops came and shot an episode in redmond.


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