Monday, September 12, 2005

a first

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy had never ridden on a ferry before.

so taking the ferry to bainbridge island yesterday was quite a new experience.

for one thing, i had no idea we were moving at all. at least not until i noticed the wind had picked up.

but what is always strange to me is seeing folks all around us...just sitting there bored, or whatever, because it's such a common occurrence to them. it kinda reminded me how easy it is to miss moments, thanks to the scourge of familiarity.


seeing women wrapping themselves up in their scarves, resembling nothing so much as butterflies newly emerged from their cocoons.

the cloud cover had broken up a bit, and i finally got to see mount rainier for the first time. even as far away as we were, the sight of it was absolutely breathtaking.


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