Sunday, September 11, 2005

yaso for anne

an ode to my inspiration for networking, with a brief timeline of today:
  • chatted with eriq (with a "q") neale while waiting for the first bus. swapped stories of our mutual respect for the mac os (even if mine has been deeply closeted for the last 10 years or so).

  • met beatrice mulzer at the marriott bar. commended her on the pass rate for the 070-282 candidates she's mothered the last couple of days. sweet lady that she is...she didn't want to take any credit for it...that really it was just those folks demonstrating what they were always capable of. i disagreed...saying that, sometimes, just that one person saying you can do it! at the right time...smooths the path for them, and makes all the difference in the world...beyond all measure.

  • chatted outside on the marriott sidewalk (away from the police station) with the amazing susanne dansey, after talking to robbie upcroft a bit earlier, simply to express my thanks for her echoing the exact concerns many of us here in the states are also feeling concerning the use of the word "small" to describe "small business," and worries about continued support and momentum for sbs and the sbsc beyond a 6-month timeframe. reassured that the lack of response from the crowd meant she was so articulate, no one felt there was anything to add to what she said...which is a very good thing here in the states. also gave her several suggestions for her upcoming trip to las vegas, including a walkthrough of bellagio, and the absolute necessity of seeing O at any cost, even if it means skipping a session or two while she is there.

    btw: a hint for susanne. if O is worth a capital letter in my is worth you seeing it.

  • briefly met amy luby, ceo of mobitech...mainly to put a face to certain of the e-mails on the sbs mailing list. commented that chad "wild man" gross' session was my top pick for a repeat on sunday. she actually seemed surprised, and expressed that chad had not been receiving that kind of feedback before he had to fly out to make his buddy's wedding.
so c'mon you mugs!
get with the fracking program and show the man some love!

not that there's anything wrong with that...


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