Monday, September 12, 2005

tweaking on the waterfront

while your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy was in uber-tourist mode today, and riding, of all things, a duck...happened to notice several individuals down by the docks with the telltale twitch-walk of the meth addict.

pray that neither you, nor anyone you love or care about ever gets hooked on methamphetamine.

it is the distinct and firm opinion of your horrified neighborhood happyfunboy that, moreso than any other chemical dependency to which my fellow human beings succumb, meth is by far the most de-humanizing.


because of the simple fact that meth leaves simply nothing there.

no awareness, no care, no shame...nothing.

and once a person has lost all regard for those things, that person has lost total regard for themself, let alone anyone else...which makes them baser than an animal.


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