Tuesday, September 13, 2005

some puzzling omissions

i was a bit confused and dismayed when i saw no mention of the following at sfm:

land of the lost. at least one of the writers already in the hall of fame wrote for this landmark series. and there are several other writers who should/will be in the hall. not to mention the fact that sleestacks still scare the crap out of me every time i see them.

the tom swift, jr. series of juvenile fiction. these were my favorite series of books growing up, and definitely sparked my interest in all things with a technological bent. and the plots, in several instances, are a heck of a lot less hokey than, say, the average episode of star trek: winnebago in space.

the body of work of mr. gerry anderson, including thunderbirds, stingray, supercar, captain scarlet, and ufo. space: 1999 had the briefest of mentions, but that was it.

comic books, particularly the golden and silver age. at a minimum, jack "king" kirby should be in the hall of fame for his creation of captain america, the silver surfer, his fourth world universe, his primary influence on nearly every other marvel property (for which kirby has neither received the proper critical acclaim nor monetary compensation) and finally...most of all...for his distinctive and definitive style which perfectly evokes all things cosmic and starspanning. hell, he should be in there if for nothing more than the fact that kirby dots are named for him. but...as usual...stan (the whore) lee will prolly once again get all the credit for jack kirby's talent and accomplishments.

animation. not just the immense and significant contribution of japanese series like macross and space battleship
yamato (aka starblazers), but also american animation houses' significant contributions, including jonny quest, space ghost, the herculoids, and one of the most overlooked and underrated works of sci-fi animation ever...thundarr the barbarian (which jack kirby helped create, natch)!

i took all of these omissions as a bit of prejudice against anything not deemed "serious" or "adult" enough to warrant inclusion.

if that, in fact, is the case, then someone in charge of the sfm collection needs to remove a certain part of their upper anatomy from a certain part of their lower anatomy, and get a big fat clue.


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