Tuesday, September 13, 2005

my name is happyfunboy, and i'm...

in the spirit of confession that was so rampant at smb nation, i've decided to come clean about something.

most folks have a tough time believing this, especially after meeting me in person, but here goes:

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy is...without a doubt...a hard-core introvert.

that's right. introvert with a capital i.

the fact has been corroborated many many times over by personality tests stretching back to junior high.

so...believe me when i say this:

it is extremely difficult for me to strike up conversations with folks.

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy has to literally force himself to chat with people, especially in larger crowds.

but i made a point to do it at smb nation...and the reason why is...

there is so much knowledge walking around smb nation that missing it simply because you're shy, or nervous, or whatever would be a tragedy of epic proportions.

when i filled out the survey nancy e-mailed to attendees the other day, i called smb nation "the tech conference with heart." and i truly mean that.

i can't remember a single person who was pompous, arrogant, or thought the sun rose and set in their toolkit.

even tho there were several folks there who i personally think hung the moon...you wouldn't have known it from talking to them, because they don't act that way.

so...don't let opportunities to meet folks pass you by, for whatever reason.

i know i won't...not ever again.


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