Wednesday, October 12, 2005 beauty

just got confirmation that the new 4gb ipod nano shipped today.


finally i'll have something to listen to while i'm working out.

hopefully having some music will help make my slowly incrementing sessions with the elliptical machine seem to pass more quickly.

and yes, i've already named the new nano beauty.

yours truly realized that the black in its predecessor's name was just a tad redundant...since it's obvious the unit is black, after all.

now i've got to put together a workout playlist.

random shuffle is simply not gonna work for me.

altho johnny cash's version is can you work out to hurt?

so your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy is looking for playlist suggestions from all the visitors to the funcave.

post up your suggestions as a comment.

do your part to keep happyfunboy in shape!

disclaimer: and no...i will not put physical by olivia newton-john on there. no day!


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