Sunday, October 09, 2005

at least i'm not sore anymore

meant to blog on this earlier. but it somehow got lost in the shuffle.

well, better late than never, i guess.

your friendly neighborhood happyfatboy joined a gym this week.

oh...wait...a fitness and wellness center, not a gym. it's a client of mine and they hate being called a gym. go figure.

now...keep in mind that i've not engaged in any sustained physical activity for at least a good 15 years.

as such...i'm cautiously easing into it.

i was pretty sore the 2nd day after my first visit, but haven't ached at all this weekend. sweet!

my goals are pretty modest, and injury is not one of them.

but i'm over the major hurdle in my mind, which was that it would be some huge pita. however, even going 3 times a week isn't as much of a hassle or as big a time sink as i thought it would be.

prolly because the place i joined is a client.'s a "kill two birds with one stone" thing.

either way...elliptical machines rock!


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