Monday, October 03, 2005

intarweb = teh bestest magic 8-ball in teh world!

chatting with a friend tonight about this issue...and i got to thinking:

it is staggering how many folks don't check the web when they want an answer to something.

instead they just ask somebody else.

and then get pissy when someone doesn't immediately snap back with the right answer.

even stuff like:

what does "prestidigitation" mean?
why do plants give off oxygen?
where can i find a good clip of "triumph the insult comic dog?"

now, i just call out basic web addresses as answers:

i know there's a lot of crap on the web, but there's also an unimaginable wealth of information all right there for the taking. you just have to take a little initiative and go get it!

when i was a little kid, it was all about encyclopedia britannica, or groliers, or whatever. it used to seem like you could find out all kinds of cool stuff about almost everything in the world from encyclopedias. which rocked!

[oh...what? you're shocked that your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy was a bookish little nerd? puh-lease!]

but now, compared to the amount of info on the web, brittanica seems about as comprehensive as a handprinted flyer advertising some punk-a-billy band's latest bar mitzvah gig.

not to mention...the cost of a full set was insanely expensive. and then they charged for the yearly update book...which was slim little nothing volume. talk about a racket!

can any of you imagine getting updated information once a fracking year anymore?

yeah...didn't think so.

i guess it's one thing for non-techies to hold on to their tried-and-true ways.

but i think it borders on the criminally negligent for folks in the it field to be too lazy (cuz that's all it really is) to do some decent searches about a given error before pissing and moaning about not getting "decent help" from a free fracking forum!

yep...your pissed-off neighborhood supermadboy is plenty torqued right about now.


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