Saturday, October 08, 2005


had an opportunity to see a movie this afternoon...the first time in a long time.

since we now have a decent cineplex here in town, your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy decided to take said opportunity.

and saw serenity.

oh sweet mama...the word awesome doesn't even begin to do justice to this film.

i will be giving no additional descriptions, nor any hints whatsoever. i hate when people give out some tiny detail that they think is inconsequential, but ends up ruining the entire ending.

so what will i say?

simply put, if you are any kind of fan of science-fiction...well, you really should have seen serenity by now.

but if you haven't...
go see it!

so now...i'll be catching up and watching firefly, the tv show upon which serenity is based...since i musta been living under a rock when it came out.

hopefully the box office on serenity will make fox rethink killing off firefly, like they did with family guy when the dvd sets sold like crazy.

or at least maybe they'll greenlight another serenity movie. which would be pretty cool.

prolly too much to hope for tho. after all, why make thoughtful, yet action-packed instant sci-fi classics when you could instead make cinematic masterpieces like legally blonde 2?

and hey...if you end up digging serenity like i did...


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