Wednesday, October 05, 2005

'gator country

ok...your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy is not referring to the crimson tide's opponent this past week.

those particular reptiles already came to town, took their beating, and left.

no, i'm talking about newsgator's acquisition of netnewswire that was announced today.

after having drank the kool-aid the diva and ms. stanton mixed up for me concerning newsgator, i have to say i am pleased beyond words that i purchased a license.

newsgator rocks. i mean...seriously rocks! and the reason it rocks so hard is that the fantastic folks at newsgator fully understand the idea of the truly mobile user...which is not just someone who has a laptop.

i'm talking about someone who:
  • has a desktop at the office
  • has a laptop for travelling
  • sometimes travels without the laptop
  • uses a home computer at...well, home
  • has a tablet pc they use for specialized work
  • has a smartphone or pda they use to check and send e-mail on the run
for me, the killer feature is not that newsgator can send rss feeds to you via e-mail if you want...altho that is pretty sweet.

no...the best part about newsgator is the fact that it synchs the status of what you've read among all the different ways (read: platforms) available for you to access your newsgator feeds. re-reading, or having to flag as read in multiple places. i wish everything tech-wise worked this way.

for the stockbrokers visiting the funcave: this acquisition is just an extension of newsgator's operating and development philosophy...simply extending the number of supported platforms. perfect fit, i'd say.

hope the macintosh loyalists reward newsgator for their interest and support.

better yet...hope captain jobs and the crew of the h.m.s. apple don't kill netnewswire off by copying it and rolling it into the os.

given the history apple has of killing or running off its best developers (just ask dave winer, arguably the father of blogging) because of the reality of their os development...i'm stoked about this news, but cautious.

ok...someone remind me to tell q about this.


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