Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the s word

hands up...when was the last time someone said something that totally fracked your entire day? worse yet...suppose it had been a good day, up until that point?

sucks...doesn't it?

imagine if every time you talked to a client, or handed a new prospect a piece of marketing collateral, or were discussing ways you could help someone improve their business...you were subliminally doing the same thing?

guess what? if you're talking about small business server with clients...you probably are, and don't even know it.

the vlad and your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy are of the very firm opinion that the word small has to go!

and we're not just addressing this to microsoft.

we mean go as in...gone from any and all discussions about clients who fall into this particular category.

the connotations of the word small are too numerous, and so overwhelmingly negative that we, in good conscience, must to replace it with something else.

still kicking over some replacement ideas here at the funcave.
we're not foolish enough to think it'll be easy.

but it's something to think about.

don't believe me?

how many of your clients think of their business as "the s word," and all it implies?

didn't think so...


Blogger Vlad said...

I think my comments were:
total business server
complete business server
right business server
basic business server

I like the idea of "basic" because it covers the basics - web, email, sharepoint, backups, remote workplace, webmail. You've got all you need. Want CRM? No problem. Want it to hold a database for that new middleware application? Not a problem.

I'm sure they will overpay someone to do market research and just keep on insulting the small business owner who is trying to grow out of the "small" as fast as possible.

Read that book I mentioned, Drilling for Gold. I believe the gentlemans name is John Warrilow (or something similar to that). Very nice and fast 200 pages.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Susanne said...

Oooh one of my favourite topics! We use the word 'your' so clients have no doubt about what we are talking about.

I heard the French were going to change it to 'Entrepreneur' but I think that is off the mark slightly.

We've even taken it one step further and stopped talking about it all together! We talk about the benefits of SBS as the things you are purchasing... the box itself is a side issue... Server aren't sexy so we try not to focus on it!

1:33 AM  

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