Monday, October 10, 2005

when does not being affected...

still result in you being affected?

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy noticed today that after 9:52p yesterday, he was not receiving any messages from the yahoo mailing lists.

now, seeing as how i am subscribed to about 6 lists, there is a good bit of traffic that comes across.

i figured yahoo was quacked. but as i was pretty busy all day today, especially after i received a new piece of hardware to pound on a bit, i didn't have time to run it down.

turns out, e-mails sent to my address had bounced on the 7th, and my account got disabled at yahoo.

so...after checking our offsite spam filter, i see the filter provider issued an alert about the cogent and level3 issue today, breathlessly announcing connectivity has been fully restored.

now...since i know that the peering agreement is only temporary, someone from our firm will be contacting our filter provider tomorrow, asking what their plan is to assure there is no additional loss of service after cogent and level3's peering agreement goes away in november.

but it brings to mind other other applications we run...and what the effect of such an interruption of service would mean.

no rest for the wicked...that's what!


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