Monday, November 14, 2005

sbs show #4...what to do after the disaster

sbs show #4, the 2nd episode of our 2-part series on disaster recovery, is now available.

as always, it is available for direct download, but we highly recommend you go ahead and subscribe to the show, so you won't miss a single episode...past, present or future.



this is yet another serious episode, so we turned our knucklehead amps WAY down.

vlad and I were joined by scott buchanan and jeff middleton, who were directly affected by 2004's hurricane charlie and 2005's hurricane katrina, respectively.

these gentlemen have both been through the worst kind of devastation imaginable, and are still dealing with the after-effects of these scott's case, now 15 months after it happened.

you won't want to miss this one. and neither will your boss.

quick show update:

sbs show #3 has been downloaded over 15K times!

wow...vlad and your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy are totally stunned with how this thing has taken off.

obviously...thank you thank you thank you to everyone listening.

extra-special thanks to bboard admins like susanne dansey and the magical m&ms...who so graciously let us post our announcements at their respective clubhouses.

also big thanks to harry b and the gang at smb nation for the mention in the last newsletter...which we know has really driven a lot of traffic to the show.

and finally...thanks to our fantastic guests, who really are the show each week.

vlad and i consider ourselves lucky if at least one of us manages to keep from slipping out of his chair and getting knocked unconscious by the edge of the table during the show.

without such awesome guests, we'd just be 2 dudes yapping about sec football...and bait.


Blogger SBSRocks said...

great show! Thanks to all for donating thier time. jeff alerted those of us smb consultants to the perils of using disk only backup. WOW!! with one sector the disk is DOA! I need to make sure i change my business process to include this little snag. Thanks Jeff

9:18 PM  

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