Sunday, November 20, 2005

how's this for convergence...

so...regular visitors to the funcave may recall that i had ordered 2 creative portable media centers last week, 1 or both of which were going to be used as giveaways at some point.

well, as you might guess...curiosity/hardware lust got the better of your friendly neighborhood happygizmoboy...and i decided to keep one of them.

upon opening 1 of them, and starting to browse around it...what, do you suppose, was one of the 3 preloaded songs on the unit?

that's right kiddos...

none other than walk the line by the legendary mr. john r. cash himself!

it only makes sense that to show off such a beautiful black media player, creative would choose the man in black himself.

btw: the riddler guessed the song immediately. guess i have been talking about johnny cash a lot lately.


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