Saturday, November 19, 2005

we interrupt this bring you an important announcement!

yours truly had the very good fortune to hear amy babinchak...who shall hereafter be referred as lady firewall here at the funcave...present a webcast to the alamo sbs user group this morning. many thanks to amy and larry for letting the leaders of other groups sit in.


first off...the awesome livemeeting setup that our user groups can utilize to make this type of event possible is all thanks to the superlative efforts of both the diva and the fantastic chandana!

second...well, the content was second to none! amy has a gift at zeroing in on the most important things everyone should do, right now, to optimize their installation of isa, both from the perspectives of best performance and ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

after all, a firewall that isn't monitored...well...really is no firewall at all.

if you haven't looked at isa 2004, you should. because with amy's rocks!

as i just described the webcast to my partner in crime...

amy said hello...and then proceeded to kick ass and chew bubblegum like she was all out of bubblegum!

so take a bow ladies...your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy was definitely blown away this morning!

disclaimer: and no, i am not saying any of this because amy said some very complimentary things about sbs show during the q&a part of the webcast.


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