Thursday, November 24, 2005

secret weapons

those of you who did not get a chance to stop by in huntsville missed the opportunity to meet our company's secret weapons: amy, our director of marketing & shellie, one of our interns (below).

they both did a great job meeting and greeting all the folks who came to the table, as yours truly was tied up almost the entire morning in either the connections event, or chatting with the on-board technical specialist for the microsoft across america rv, which will be onsite for our company's private event this coming tuesday.

without a doubt...these two ladies garnered us many more business cards than the $25 best buy gift card we ended up giving away.

btw: sharp-eyed visitors to the funcave may notice that amy was the "cher" to my "sonny" for halloween.


Blogger Vlad said...

She totally looks like Barbie.

And she's getting a degree in Computer Engineering? When I was @ UF's College of Engineering I would have killed for a girl that had less hair than I did, not to mention one that looked like this.


2:08 AM  

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