Friday, November 25, 2005

sbs show #5...less filling, tastes great

the newest installment of sbs show with the vlad and your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy is finally out!

with this 5th episode, you may notice that we're implementing some major changes to sbs show.

the biggest news is that we're adding an extra show per week!

here's how it will work:

the mid-week show, recorded on tuesday or wednesday, will have the following format:
  • no guests
  • 20~25 minutes in length
  • discuss current happenings, rather than a single deep topic
the weekend show, recorded on saturday or sunday, will have the following format:
  • guests
  • 50~60 minutes in length
  • discuss a single deep topic
the upshot to all these changes is that listeners still pay the same great price for sbs show...not one single, solitary cent!

so go visit for either a direct download link to the show...or better yet, a subscription link!


Blogger Vlad said...

If you'd like to have your voice heard please do call and state your name and your question fairly quickly - under 30 seconds if at all possible. That will allow me to quickly cut it into the show and get the answer to your question almost "directly".

You can follow the question with whatever you want - where you're from, what you do, favourite drink, etc. I really enjoy hearing this stuff but if I have to plow through it and have to make 5-6 cuts to it just to be able to paraphrase it, honestly, I'll just paraphrase the question on your behalf and save 10 minutes in the editing software. It's frustrating enough having to edit out my mindless drible ;)

So come on, these guys fix SBS for living, which secret of theirs would you like revealed?


2:06 AM  

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