Saturday, November 26, 2005

scary stat of the day

yep...yours truly is still totally obsessed with the sitemeter stats for the funcave.

i find it utterly absorbing seeing stuff many folks come a'visiting from bitzie's place, or susanne's clubhouse.

but i noticed something today that put me back on my heels.

while looking at an operating system breakdown, i noticed that windows server 2003 makes up a whopping 3% of the visiting os count here at the funcave.

now...your friendly neigborhood happyfunboy sincerely hopes that, at best, these are test systems running a server os, and as such, can be flattened and reinstalled
at a moment's notice with no ill effect. as downtime.

if in these are production systems...

sweet mother of moses!

what are you thinking?
surfing around on a server console?

you might as well start walking around with a sign that says fire me now.

surfing anywhere on a server console opens that server up to every piece of trash and nasty code floating around like so much flotsam and jetsam all over the web.

the real danger nowadays are all the threats that target the user environment. normally, not an issue for servers.

unless, of course, someone does something surf on a server console...


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