Sunday, November 27, 2005

sbs show #6...get your questions in now!

later today, vlad & i will be joined in the studio by the royal flush gang, which regular visitors to the funcave know is the codename given to our good buddies from the sbs product support services team who put together the weekly inside sbs podcast.

in other words...

rfg has returned, and is in the sbs show hizzouse!

sharing the mic with us will be:
  • mark stanfill
  • peter gallagher
  • damian leibaschoff
we'll be talking about troubleshooting issues with your sbs box...and this is your chance to stump the best of the best! so call the show with your worst, most hair-raising questions:
  • dial 1+(407) 965-2945
  • briefly...and clearly...state your name and your question in 25 seconds or less
  • after that, say whatever you will most likely get cut anyway
time's a'wasting! so call in your questions now!


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