Tuesday, November 29, 2005

sbs show #6....come and get it!

that's right kiddos, sbs show #6 was finally released today.

the vlad & your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy were joined by 2 members of the royal flush gang, mark "king" stanfill and peter "ace" gallagher.

believe me when i tell you...this was hands-down the most fun we have had recording an episode yet.

but seriously, beyond the bit of knuckleheading around...this episode has some excellent material about getting the very best tech support response you can, either for yourself or your customers.

and if it doesn't quite sink in after listening to the entire podcast, let me spell out the most important thing you can do to get better tech support from nearly any vendor...

remember that you are talking to another human...with a life, and people who love them. treat that person with a bit of decency, even if you're having a major issue on your end, and you'll always get fantastic support.


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