Friday, December 16, 2005

we're finally a go!

the holiday rush and a ton of work this week kept queenie and yours truly from trying to record sbs weekly #10 before tonight.

and...of course...the existing equipment at the funcave was not initially up to the task.

but after whacking the side of the nuclear pile a few times with a massive crescent wrench, and a few well-placed kicks to some thermo-couplers...your friendly neighborhood happyaudioboy can proudly say that we are all systems go for tomorrow.

big huge massive thanks to susanne "queenie" dansey for being a super super trooper and hanging in there tonight way past her bedtime.

also...can't thank susan "the diva" bradley enough for skyping with me tonight to test the new audio config.

our sound should be rock-solid tomorrow...and we're fairly certain we've got content to match.


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