Monday, December 12, 2005

all good things...

the wait was long, i know.

but i have to say...i really think the wait will have been worth it.

sbs show's highly anticipated show #8, our look at patch management featuring the sbs diva herself, the lovely and talented ms. susan bradley, has now been posted for general consumption.

so...consume everybody! consume!

show #8 was a massive recording, and took a good while to edit. hence, the long delay between the recording and its release. the vlad and yours truly very much appreciate everyone's patience while the finishing touches were being completed.

those of you who had the forethought and good sense to subscribe to sbs show are most likely already enjoying it, even right now as your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy types up this announcement for the edification of everybody else who hasn't subscribed.

and by all means...please feel free to post comments about the show right here at the funcave, or at its vladville page.



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