Monday, March 20, 2006

the mobitech army is coming!

regular visitors to the funcave should already be acquainted with mastermind...aka amy luby...aka the head enchilada of mobitech.

for those who don't know...mobitech might as well be writing the book on managed services...all from their underground bunker in omaha, nebraska.

if you have any interest in managed services, and want to hear from someone who is actually successful at opposed to some random nimrod whose idea of managed services would be better described as mangled services...

well listen up...because your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy is about to make your fracking day!

mobitech will be kicking off a managed services workshop tour in june.

and yes...for all you cheap asses...the workshops are free, thanks to the fact that mobitech's tour is being sponsored by level platforms and autotask, two of the tools mobitech uses every day.

however...this won't be a buy this tool...poof!'re a managed service provider kind of b.s. session tho.

the mobitech army will be offering a 360 degree view about what it takes to get into the managed services game...and to actually be successful at it.

expect to hear topics like:
  • what are the stages in moving into a managed service model?
  • how do I sell managed services?
  • how do I construct my service level agreements?
  • who wants these services?
  • what or who is my competition and how are they doing managed services?
  • what are the pitfalls to avoid?
mastermind will be joined by her partners-in-crime...

the comedian...aka steve luby


the server nazi...aka chad gross

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy cannot emphasize enough how much he personally believes that anyone who claims to be serious about being a consultant in the smb it space should do whatever it takes to get to the workshop closest to them.

yours truly will be at the atlanta matter what.

hope to see you there!


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