Thursday, April 20, 2006

vlad's kryptonite

that's right, folks...

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy just discovered the one place on earth that the vlad would dare not enter...

can any of you imagine how quickly his internal organs would shut down, liquify, or both?

here's a quick primer to get you started...

because i'm wondering...

which type of kryptonite do you think it is?

vote for your choice, or come up with your own, and post it here at the funcave.

oh sure...batman always kept a secret stash of kryptonite...

just in case kal-el ever got too big for his britches, intentionally or otherwise.

now your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy's not worried about that...

but i would be highly interested in having video of vlad's expression right when he walked into that lab.

wonder if microsoft's answer to lex luthor could arrange that for me?


Blogger Vlad said...

Why would I be scared of that? I've been to FAO Schwarz before, being around toys is not new to me. I've also gone through both middle and high school which is(was) dominated by Macs.

I grew up.

I use real operating systems as a grownup, you know, those that have business productivity applications and are used for more than the yearbook layouts and an mp3 player.

5:19 AM  
Blogger Tim Barrett said...

Dude, does the rocket in that picture belong to "Ace & Gary"?

7:50 AM  

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